We are pleased to offer a vast range of services to our clients, whether you purchase a property through us or not:

–      Integral management of properties on rustic land and also urban and rural areas:

We oversee all aspects of property conveyancing, along with all the necessary legal documents:

o   Application of NIE for foreigners

o   Tax declarations

o   Representation at the Notary

o   Presentation of property deeds at the land registry.

–       Rural accommodation/ rentals and private homes:

o   Complete customer and maintenance management of rental and private properties, including



*Key holding

*Meet and greet guests

*Cleaning & laundry

*Pool and garden maintenance





*and much much more……

– Property assessments.

For clients who need to know the legal status of their property and the process of updating these…

–       ‘Catastral’ management.
Catastral updating of properties so that they reflect the real characteristics conveyed on the property’s legal documetation

–       Property registry & Notaries:

o   Notas simples (official reports on your property, issued by the property registry)

o   Mortgages

o   Tax liquidations

o   Transmissions taxes: from the realization of the deeds at the Notary right untill the property inscribed at the property registry.

–       Insurance Agency:

All types of insurance:

o   Property Insurance

o   Car Insurance

o   Motorbike Insurance

o   Boat Insurance

o   Medical Insurance

o   Etc.

–       Translation and Interpretation services:

o   English

o   French

–       Opening of bank accounts

–       Tax management

–       Direct debits

–       Last Will and Testament

–       Inheritance